How to Install New Relic Agents: Technical Step-by-Step Guide

Find out how to install New Relic agents to monitor the entire system (via the Ubuntu example) and to monitor Magento 2.

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A couple of months ago, New Relic announced that they’re changing tack by providing another price model and simplifying their product set. 

We’ve prepared the New Relic installation guide and decided to share it with you. 

New Relic & Key Features

New Relic is a solution that helps businesses to operationalize the data and provides information for further making crucial decisions and managing processes. It gives users a complete view of the technology stack, enabling them to find, understand, and resolve the issues that impact a business.

We usually use this tool on the ecommerce projects of our clients to see how the code performs, find the bottlenecks on the Magento side, and analyze data via extensive reports. For instance, you could check our case study, where we thoroughly explained how we used it during the load testing phase of building a scalable infrastructure for the French clothing store.

The major New Relic features include:

  • In-depth data analysis to visualize data via data explorer, heatmaps, funnels, cohorts, segmentation, etc.;
  • Effective data presentation to demonstrate metrics and visualizations via dashboards and charts;
  • Integrations with a vast range of platforms, systems, and services (Magento, Marketo, Loader, Frontleaf, Drupal, Zapier, etc.).

New Relic Agents Installation Guide

The solution can be installed for two purposes: to monitor the entire system (via the Ubuntu example) or to monitor Magento 2. We’ve built a step-by-step guide on installing New Relic agents for both reasons. Check out our manual by clicking the button below, where you’ll find all the necessary information with tips and pieces of code.

Explore the New Relic Technical Guide

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