Magento Extensions (modules, plugins) have a major role in the establishment and successful operation of the online stores. Essentially the Extensions do what the name implies – help to extend Magento in different ways. They allow store owners to set the professional online-shops that suit their individual e-commerce needs and requirements of customers.

Every online store has its own unique functional requirements, which often can not be resolved out of the box. Magento Extensions play a large and important role in the progress of eCommerce, because they help to build Magento existence and promote it. Magento extensions help to solve the functional requirements of the online store.

The functionality of the initial system can be extended with modules that are provided for free or for a fee. Sometimes it is better to buy an extension, but often some extension can not satisfy all the requirements. In any case, you should pay attention whether the extension can be customized and with which versions it is compatible.

To make a good choice of extensions, we advise to run through the reviews to get a better idea about the options on offer, which will definitely help you choose the most suitable one.

All the major companies that provide Magento extensions offer a wide range of solutions, but each of them has their own area of expertise. So it is very difficult to say which one is better. We have worked with many companies providing Magento extensions and identified the following five companies that we like the most: aheadWorks, Amasty, Mirasvit, WebShopApps, MageWorx and Webtex.


AheadWorks is one of the best companies developing extensions. They offer a wide range of extensions that are much better than others. The AheadWorks extensions are organized neatly into categories on the site. The chief priorities of the extensions are sales motivation, user experience, customer care, admin tools. They provide a very high quality product support. You can get help online right on the company’s website. Price range of their products is $100-$200.


Amasty has a large and varied range of Magento extensions. They pay great attention to extensions directory management. Their Magento extensions are unique and reasonably priced (priced below $ 100).


Sales motivation and advanced magento search are the main directions of the company. Price range of the extensions is $100-$150.


WebShopApps is one of the best solution for those who have complex shipping needs with your web-store. They can configure and adapt an extension to your individual needs or type of business. The average cost of their extensions $200, but it’s worth it.


MageWorx provides excellent customer support and usually take care of a problem almost instantly or during day. They offer an extensive list of Magento SEO products, including their comprehensive SEO Suite extension, priced around $400. This company offers a large number of extensions priced under $100.


WebTex pays great attention to extensions oriented to gift registry and gift cards. Great value and support are characteristic words for this company.

We recommend these companies because we worked with them many times and are completely satisfied with their work and customer support. Unlike some other companies that usually do not provide support and which extensions leave much to be desired.

Properly selected extension can be a very powerful tool for e-commerce, leaving the competition far behind. If you are not sure which extensions to choose, you can always turn to the experts of our company and they will recommend you a number of improvements for eCommerce that will increase the efficiency and conversion rate of your website.