Mass Price Update Extension: the Way to Streamline Price Updating in Magento

If you have to update prices regularly, and your catalog consists of more than two hundred products, it makes sense to find a solution enhancing this process.

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If you have to update prices regularly, and your catalog consits of more than two hundred products, it makes sense to find a solution that enhances this process. Having seen our customers struggling with keeping their catalog pricing data up to date we have created an extension that addresses this need and helps Magento store administrators to update prices with a few simple clicks, rather than going product by product. Of course, it is not the silver bullet that solves all price management challenges, but it still has a few tricks up its sleeves.

  • Adding/subtracting flat value to/from all the selected products at once
  • Adding/subtracting a percentage value to/from the selected products at once
  • Setup of additional attribute-based filters for easier prices update
  • Filtering the products by category
  • Multi-store support

Let’s review one of the possible scenarios to understand the workflow of the extension. Imagine you received a discount of 10% for rugs you’ve purchased from one of your suppliers, and want to offer those products with reduced price to your customers as soon as possible. Below, you can see what the entire process of price updating looks like:

You can try it yourself:


Mass Price Update Extension

Access data: demo/demo123

There is a variety of scenarios that can fit into the function of this extension, but what unites all of them – A sense of ease in implementation. If you like what you see, you can download this extension from our GIT repository and use it on your site for free. But, keep in mind, this extension was created for Magento 1x and supports its versions from 1.7 to 1.9. We’ve also also created two additional guides shown below with more instructions on how to install and configure the extension on your Magento site.


Initial setup


Go to admin panel >> System >> Configuration >> Magecom >> Mass price update >> General Settings:


Reindex and Clear cache are required actions after any kind of price update, to make these changes visible on the frontend. That is why “Clear cache” and “Reindex” settings are set to “Yes” by default. However, you can always change them if needed. “Choose Additional Filter” setting allows you to add attribute-based filter to the configuration and makes the update process flexible.


How to use it

Go to admin panel >> Catalog >> Mass Price Update:

2. Select a website.

3. Choose a category or categories, that apply to the products you’re going to update.

NOTE: There is an option to select all products on the site:

4. If you haven’t chosen an additional filter during extension setup, you are able do that from the configuration page by clicking the “Settings page” link:

If you’ve already customized the filter before, please choose an appropriate value from the dropdown:


5. The “Apply” option allows you to define how the discount or the mark-up should be applied. By default, it’s set to “By Percentage of the Original Price” which means that the discount / margin amount is calculated as a percentage of the original price. Pretty simple.

If you select “By Fixed Amount“, the specified discount / margin amount is a fixed sum that will be added/subtracted from/to the original price no matter what the original price is.

6. “Value” is a field, where you can define the discount / margin amount. Positive numbers (ex. 20)  will increase the prices, while negative numbers (ex. -20) will decrease them. Pretty nifty, right?

Please note, that the price update is going to be calculated in relation to the original price, but whether it will be a fixed sum or a percentage depends on what you select from the Apply option.

7. Click the “Update” button and check the results.



Please note, that the update execution time depends on the quantity of products, that apply to the selected parameters.

If you have any questions or need help with installation – our team of certified Magento developers is here to help!