Make a strategic decision and migrate to Magento to benefit from its extensive toolset

Many business owners are stuck with outdated webstore engines and experience that they’ve outgrown their platform and its business opportunities. Feel that you’ve hit the limits of your current ecommerce system, or it’s become too difficult to maintain? Maybe it’s time to think about moving ahead? If so, think twice about a final destination to land on your business system. In case you still haven’t considered Magento as an option, explore our webpage that carefully explains what Magento is all about and weighs its pros and cons. If you’re sitting on the fence, shoot us a message — we’ll provide extra insights from an outside perspective and deliver options for your case to decide for yourself.

On the inside ofmigration to Magento

  • Conduct a pre-migration website audit of the existing system, compile data that needs to be carefully migrated, and carry out migration planning to ensure that everything will work on the beam.
  • Migrate the visual appearance of the website and think about killing two birds with one stone — pay a little bit more now and get an opportunity to implement a brand-new web design at once with migration to avoid high costs in the long run.
  • Implement functionality for the new website as nearly as possible and optimize it to meet functional and business needs.
  • Transfer your store data securely — products, categories, customers, store configurations, settings, orders, invoices, discounts.

Going a long way

Revealing new opportunities for business scaling and reaching new markets
Delivering better customer experience and improved shopping flow
Taking advantage of the Magento extensive features for different business models