Drive relevant organic traffic & increase site visibility

Professional SEO services transform words and sentences in your online store into engaging, meaningful, valuable, and audience-oriented content. In such a way, your platform attracts more clients and wins their loyalty.

A SEO optimized website drives more traffic. For online store SEO, you need to consider all the factors — from optimizing content with the keywords that resonate with your target audience to making your system up-to-date with the latest trends and algorithm changes.

On the inside of search engine optimization

  • Conduct an SEO audit. With the help of a SEO specialist, you can get the full picture of how things work.
  • Perform ongoing keyword research with efficient tools for search engine optimization to discover and expand keyword opportunities specifically for your audience and make it in line with the market demand.
  • Work on key landing pages and optimize them for search engines — adding metadata, building SEO-friendly URLs and Google Rich Snippets — to drive relevant traffic directly there.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly to engage a great deal of potential customers.
  • Research content and linking recommendations for improving SEO positions according to the target keywords as a part of SEO marketing.
  • Make sure that ecommerce SEO tips are transformed into working practices on the website and introduce architecture changes to improve user-friendliness.

Going a long way

Improving ecommerce website search ranking and attracting more organic traffic to your store
Making your website SEO-friendly and increasing the proportion of mobile traffic
Introducing an effective collaboration between development and SEO marketing

Any questions left?

01. Why is organic search engine optimization so important?

Organic SEO also means ethical SEO. A properly conducted SEO for an online store attracts more customers who are actually interested in your products and creates the possibility of client loyalty to your brand. Organic SEO is focused on aspects such as relevance to the search query, page content that users can read naturally, incoming links, and domain authority.

The goal of SEO marketing is to ensure long-time results for your website, which are impossible to achieve with paid campaigns. While the former makes your website appear naturally on top of e-commerce search results, the latter can only ensure that for a pre-paid period.

02. What do professional SEO services include?

A SEO specialist and a marketing team work closely to make your website highly targeted using several practices, which include:

🟠Website audit

🟠Competitor analysis

🟠Market research

🟠Keyword strategy

🟠Content strategy

🟠On-page and off-page optimization

🟠Writing meaningful and high-quality content

Website SEO optimization is often done with the help of SEO content optimization tools. There are multiple instruments for keyword planning, content optimization, plagiarism check, audience research, analytics, etc. Search engine optimization requires a deliberate approach, so consider hiring a SEO expert.

03. Are there any specifics for online store SEO?

Ecommerce SEO management services focus not only on your online store promotion but also on each brand placed on your marketplace. So an ecommerce SEO agency needs to find relevant keywords and create compelling content for each brand or product, just like for your online store blog.

If you are selling products represented in other online marketplaces, conducting a thorough competitor analysis is critical. SEO for ecommerce will set a straightforward strategy focused on finding what makes your store and offerings different from other online retail shops.

04. How to benefit from Magento SEO extensions?

If your online marketplace is built on Magento, you get the opportunity to boost your optimization marketing efforts with Magento SEO packages.

SEO with Magento is more effective if you use the platform’s out-of-the-box solutions, such as sitemap.xml, robots.txt, and page redirects. However, there are also multiple third-party Magento extensions that make SEO much more effective and less time-consuming.

Here are some of the features that facilitate SEO optimizing for your ecommerce website with additional tools:

🟠Removing duplicating content

🟠Creating accurate SEO reports

🟠Using metadata templates

🟠Performing quality SEO audits

🟠Automatically generating image alt tags

🟠Managing crawling and indexation

🟠Creating structured data

🟠Adding meaningful rich snippets