Shopware Plugins: Must-Have & Advanced Solutions for Your Store

Shopware plugins or so-called extensions are widely available for any business need — from integrating with an ERP system to optimizing conversions.

We’ve made a comprehensive list of essential plugins for Shopware stores divided into categories. Just find the interesting ones and jump in to see any valuable insights on extending the native powers of the platform.

What are Shopware Plugins

Like Magento and other platforms, Shopware also offers extensions or plugins that you can easily install to expand the platform’s standards.

Store owners and developers can find them in the Shopware Shop and all installation and configuration information in the Shopware Docs.

Source: Shopware store

On top of all, the platform provides an already pre-installed and integrated PayPal plugin to make it possible for merchants to offer PayPal payment methods.

Below you’ll find a selection of plugins based on a set of recommendations from Shopware, our experience, and user reviews.

When choosing plugins, pay attention to compatibility with the Shopware version. In most cases, the Shopware 5 shops plugin has links to the Shopware 6 alternatives.

What happens is that Shopware 5 will continue to be supported and improved over the next five years by the platform creators. Still, the transition to Shopware 6 is ultimately inevitable due to significant differences in the architecture of platforms.

Plugins for Migration

Migrating from other shop systems to Shopware

If you’re moving from any ecommerce platform to Shopware 5, this plugin will come in handy as it easily transfers the existing data and makes everything work well. Keep in mind that it doesn’t cover all of the customized components, so you’ll have to move it differently and work on it to a greater extent.

Price: free

Compatibility: 5.0–5.7

Migration Connector

Are you thinking about moving from Shopware 5 to 6? Use the plugin to ensure that the migration will pass entirely without incident with the safe transferring of your products, customers, and other store settings. We also recommend taking care of backing up all the data so that everything goes as you expect.

Source: Migration Connector

Price: free

Compatibility: 5.4–5.7

Magento Migration Profile

Supposing that you’re running an online business on Magento and want to migrate to Shopware, consider the possibility of using this plugin. It guarantees to move different kinds of data securely, including products, manufacturers, customers, orders, properties, stock, etc.

Price: free

Compatibility: 6.1–6.4

Plugins for B2B Stores on Shopware

Block Categories for Certain Customer Groups

If you need to make specific categories or products invisible for some customer segments, this plugin will help you. For instance, you can make shopping worlds visible only for particular dealers or hide products in search and listings. The most important thing is that you’ll easily do it after installing the plugin with a couple of clicks right in settings.

Price: €49.90

Compatibility: 6.1–6.4


Displaying the net price in the store or shopping cart and setting advanced tax rules depending on the customer group and location is possible with integrating the plugin. You can also customize tax-free shipping for specific countries and rules.

Source: B2B VAT

Price: €49.99

Compatibility: 6.2–6.3

Form Building Kit Professional

The plugin offers excellent opportunities for creating and customizing contact forms with the functionality of auto-completion, captchas, attachments, and copy sent. And that’s not all, can you imagine? Additional features include a customer registration process, advanced shopping cart, extended product features, product inquiries, etc.

Price: €385.00

Compatibility: 6.1–6.4

Plugins for Better Checkout Process

Newsletter in Checkout

To expand your email subscriber base and increase user retention, you can implement a checkbox below the Terms & Service to subscribe your customers to email newsletters.

Price: free

Compatibility: 6.2–6.3

Order Process Preselection

One way to accelerate the ordering process is an automatic and manual preselection of shipping and payment methods, which purchasers can still change on the checkout stage. If a user doesn’t choose payments or shippings, the system will select them according to their priorities.

Source: Order Process Preselection

Price: €49.00

Compatibility: 6.3

Send PDF Invoice to Customer by Email

The plugin highlights include a wide range of options, like generating PDF documents, storing PDF invoices ready for download in the customer account, and automatically delivering invoices to shoppers. You can also design invoices right on the Backend part of your website and select a particular payment method and order status.

Price: €54.95

Compatibility: 6.3

One Page Checkout

Each alternative between one-step vs. multi-step checkout has its value-adds, so it’s up to you. If you decide on one page, you can use the plugin functionality to optimize checkout and make it mobile-friendly. You can also hide the following steps and make them grey before logging in.

Price: €359.00

Compatibility: 6.0–6.4

Plugins for Localization & Internationalization

Shopware Language Pack

The free plugin supports fifteen languages installed and activated for your store in a couple of clicks. After that, it automatically offers all snippet translations for products, which can become the first step towards the internationalization of your online business.

Source: Shopware Language Pack

Price: free

Compatibility: 6.3–6.4

IP Targeting for Sales Channel, Country, or Language

To display relevant results to your users, use IP targeting, which will help determine the buyer’s location and redirect accordingly. Apart from that, it forwards speech recognition to the right sales channel.

Price: €199.00

Compatibility: 6.2–6.3

Auto Translation Pro

For those store owners who have multilingual websites with different language versions, the plugin provides automatic translation of content with the help of standard services.

Price: €299.00

Compatibility: 6.1–6.3

Plugins for Marketing & SEO Efforts

Sendinblue: eMail & Online Marketing Platform

Marketing automation and customer communication tools are an integral part of any ecommerce business success. The plugin covers several features, such as sending email campaigns via the drag-and-drop editor and SMS messages, running ad campaigns, connecting with the CRM system and chat solution.

Source: Sendinblue: eMail & Online Marketing Platform

Price: free

Compatibility: 6.1–6.3

Responsive Banner Generator

Want to limelight users’ attention to your store’s design and focus their attention on the essential things? You can always create banners designed in a user-friendly manner by choosing from the templates already provided in the plugin, store all banners on the backend, add categories and products, and also see them via demo.

Price: €89.90

Compatibility: 6.3

Instagram Shopping: Automatic Facebook catalog feed

Diversify your sales channels and regularly try new ones. For instance, you may be interested in selling via social media. This plugin will help you quickly generate data feeds for Facebook and Instagram and work well even with many products and attributes. Don’t worry about the installation; you can easily find comprehensive and easy-to-understand documentation on the plugin webpage.

Source: Instagram Shopping: Automatic Facebook catalog feed

Price: €195.00

Compatibility: 6.2–6.4


To stimulate sales and encourage first-time buyers, use product coupons you can create from scratch or edit existing ones according to the specific rules. Generate different types of coupons, general for everyone or individual. Also, make it possible for customers to use multiple coupons for the same purchase.

Price: €499.00

Compatibility: 6.3

Plugins for Personalization & Seamless User Experience

Personal Customer Greeting

You can start a customer journey for your users with a customized greeting, formal or informal — it’s up to you. The plugin supports eight languages, local time, and different types of visual presentation to develop the perfect hello message and grab your users’ attention at first glance.

Price: free

Compatibility: 6.1–6.4

Wish List

Creating a user-friendly shopping experience is possible with a wish list, which allows storing favorite products, seeing their availability, possibility of free shipping, and customer ratings. Users can also add products from the wish list right to the cart to make the shopping process smooth and pleasant.

Source: Wish List

Price: €59.00

Compatibility: 6.1–6.3

Auto-Complete and Validation

To improve the customer experience and decrease the bounce rate on the checkout, you may think about implementing auto-suggestions for checkout. The plugin supports address data auto-completion, phone number validation, password strength display, and other data intending to speed up the ordering process.

Price: €149.99

Compatibility: 6.1–6.3

Product Configurator

Are you looking for ways to add a refined touch of personalization to your store? A product builder may be helpful as it can make items flexible and editable with an endless number of variables. Users will be able to adjust the attributes of the products depending on their needs and preferences.

The non-exhaustive list of stores that have already integrated the plugin includes: Fahrradaufkleber, Metall Design Handels, abluft24, Paella-Grill, Ney.

Price: €595.00

Compatibility: 5.4–5.7


Developers can create custom Shopware plugins or extensions from scratch to align with the business logic and take its operations to the next level.

The only thing to consider is to make use of the experienced Shopware developers’ services who have hands-on experience in creating and customizing plugins. You can quickly find such developers in the Shopware partner listing with agencies and business partners.

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