Nowadays, when people have easy access to millions of online shops, it’s a huge challenge to get your shop noticed. It takes seconds for online shop visitors to make the decision weather to stay or to leave a website. And the best way to keep visitors engaged is to invest some time in choosing the theme, that will add more spice to your e­commerce website and stimulate your visitors to purchase products and services.

But how to choose the most appealing for your Magento business theme, when there are thousands of them and it’s so easy to get lost among all those themes created by a myriad of developers? In this article we will discuss some aspects, that you should take into consideration, when selecting a Magento theme.

Seek for a visually attractive theme

Your theme should have a great look and feel to it. Before choosing a Magento theme, it’s necessary to analyse the visitors and products of a particular shop. Knowing your prospective customers needs and their favourite products ­ which are presented in your shop ­ will help you to choose a theme, which will create a virtual “show card” that keeps the visitors on your website. Remember that the colour of your theme is also very important. It should compliment your brand and logo. So do some research to see what the colour of your web design will express. What message do you want to send your customers?

Choose a recent theme

The theme should be compatible with the latest version of Magento. It would be a pity, if after buying you discover that some of your theme’s functionalities don’t work using the latest version of Magento.

Go for a user-friendly interface

One of the largest determining factor in your business’ success is acceptance by the end user. A poorly designed user interface can easily become a reason why your marketing campaign has failed and sales are low. It can result in the loss of market share. Pay attention to things that will improve the users experience like big noticeable buttons including a handy back­to­top button, an easy ­to­ use navigation system, an auto-­hide menu panel and so on.

Prefer a responsive theme

There is a range of suppliers that offer responsive themes. If you want to to reach more customers, it is a good option for your shop to choose a responsive Magento theme. But before purchasing it, test a theme on your mobile phone and tablate to make sure that it has a good look and that nothing that you are trying to feature is getting cut off or destructed.

Make sure that your theme is customizable

When you are dealing with online shops, there is always potential for growth. And you have to keep in mind that one day you will need to make some changes to your online shop look. So, it is better to choose a theme that provides options for customization. The theme should support you in the process of adding new exciting features in the near future, so you can customize it any time you need and still have total control over different aspects of your website look.

Select a theme that is web browsers compatible

As online users are now using larger variety of browsers than ever before, it is more substantial than ever that your e­commerce website performs consistently throughout all browsers. The theme you are planning to use to develop your shop should run on all the possible browsers. That way you will be able to reach a larger audience.

Check if your theme has blocks and spaces for promotions and banners

Your theme should support ad and banner spaces. Using a theme with inviting banners and sliders can double your prospects in a short term. So check if there is enough space to offer promos for your customers, which will stimulate them to buy more products from your website.