Magento Mega-Menu: Examples, Tips, Solutions for Magento 2 Store

Mega-menus is nothing new, eСommerce giants like Apple and Amazon use them over the years to increase UX in their online stores.

The use of mega-menus is nothing new, ecommerce giants like Apple, Amazon, and Google Play have done a lot over the years to experiment with these kinds of menus. They’ve become a near necessity for large online stores with a great number of products and content pages and make navigation through the store a much less daunting task. In truth, it might be the only way for large online stores to provide easy access to product categories and site content.

What is Mega Menu & Why It’s Worth Implementing

For the absolute beginner: mega-menus are large, prominently displayed navigation panels, usually located at the top or the side of a webpage. They’re typically divided into groups and navigation options and appear when hovering over or clicking on main navigation buttons that may show categories, subcategories, specific promotions, content pages etc. 

Mega Menu vs Dropdown Menu for Your Magento Store

Default menus in both Magento 1 and Magento 2 function just like regular dropdown menus and are a great solution if there aren’t a vast number of categories being displayed. This means customers can quickly and easily find the information they need without clicking through long lists of categories and subcategories. 

For instance, a Greek home linen brand has a relatively small store with a couple of categories and dozens of products, that’s why they use a standard dropdown menu for their ecommerce website. In this case, mega-menus would have looked more complex, so it’s not such a good idea to frighten people with all that complexity.

Symmetry Living

But, if you have a larger number of products to offer, a mega-menu is definitely the way to go, as a beauty products manufacturer and retailer successfully did it to organize their offerings effectively.  


Responsive Mega Menu Examples & Best Practices

#1 Men’s Biz Mega Menu

An Australian men’s grooming and shaving brand’s menu is well-organized. They made all-important categories clearly highlighted and easily identifiable, making it easy for customers to spot categories.

Men’s Biz

#2 Clean Origin Mega Menu

An online jewelry store displays all required content at a glance by including multiple menu items and even adding a bit of icons to illustrate product types.

#3 Fully Mega Menu

A US standing desks & chairs brand provides a small dropdown menu from a specific category, while images on the major part of the screen showcase the products customers can find in this category.


#4 Food Network Mega Menu

The US lifestyle network showcases its mega menu in the most appealing and concise way possible. You can easily see the offerings from the category and at the same time the website shows nice pictures of the best recipes to engage visitors right away.

#5 Kendra Scott Mega Menu

A jewelry store highlights their categories with a bigger font and an eye-catching photo to promote new arrivals.

Kendra Scott

How to Implement Mega-Menu in your Magento Store

As you see here, to make a mega-menu work for your Magento store, it will take a bit of effort. There are two ways to implement mega menus in Magento:

  1. Adding a mega-menu extension to your website and adjusting it to the look and feel of the current site;
  2. Developing a custom solution for your particular case. 

While adding a ready-made solution to your site may seem to be an easier and more cost-effective way, it has its downsides as well:

  • Ready-made extensions often don’t include all the features you may need so that it will require some customization anyway;
  • It’s not uncommon that they could conflict with existing extensions and can add to the list of site development expenses; 
  • Third-party extensions may significantly influence your website performance, and not always in the most cheerful way. 

For these reasons, implementing a custom solution to your website will probably give you more benefits in the long run. But the choice is yours, it’s like playing a less deadly game of Russian roulette: it all comes down to luck.

If you prefer a ready-made solution, you could have a look at the extensions below.

Best Mega-Menu Magento 2 Extensions

#1 Magento 2 Mega Menu Extension by Rootways

The extension enables creating a mega menu by choosing from a range of available 14 layouts, adjusting height, and making it possible to open dropdown at the left or right side. You could also display categories up to the fourth level, content, images, products, contact form, a header, and a footer in your website’s main navigation.

Magento 2 Mega Menu Extension by Rootways

Price: Starts at $49

Magento 2 Open Source: 2.3.x – 2.4.6 Adobe Commerce: 2.3.x – 2.4.6

#2 Mega Menu by Ubertheme

Take advantage of the enhanced Drag & Drop builder and adaptable options to present product categories and subcategories in a multi-column dropdown menu. Afterwards, you could promote your products, images, and banners right in the menu with a couple of clicks.

Price: $139

Magento 2 Open Source (CE): 2.x.x

#3 Mega Menu by Magenest

Along with the basic functionality of adding a mega-menu, the extension allows merchants to arrange products at multiple levels and set them in a flexible way with pages, categories, custom links, and custom texts. It provides an option to show videos, images, and paragraphs in their store menu as well.

Price: Starts at $169

Magento 2 Open Source: 2.3.x, 2.4.x Adobe Commerce: 2.3.x, 2.4.x

#4 Mega Menu by CoderKube Technologies

It’s easy to use and responsive online store menu extension, which allows easily adapting the menu styles by custom CSS code from the admin panel. You could enhance categories with multicolored labels, catchy icons, or engaging images in the mega menu that will display correctly on multiple devices.

Price: $25

Magento 2 Open Source (CE): 2.4.x

#5 Mega Menu by MageDelight

Place your menu items virtually anywhere on the website, add static blocks, external links, categories, or pages along with developing an open map for your store in the navigation menu itself. The extension lets you design the menu items using images and videos with various animation effects.

Mega Menu by MageDelight

Price: $179-$459

Magento 2 Open Source: 2.4.x
Adobe Commerce: 2.4.x


All in all, the main point here is to keep a close eye on the way existing customers and future customers navigate and connect with your website. Easy and intuitive navigation is vital when it comes to UX improvement, and these are some really simple and cost-effective ways to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Because we all know, when your users are satisfied and have a positive experience, your sales are much more likely to go up, which is what makes all of us happy in the end.

If you decide to create your own mega-menu solution, there are dozens of possible options and implementation methods, so we would suggest you do a bit of research on what features you want to offer your customers and contact Magento developers for advice or drop us a line – we can provide you with a guideline.

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