• Starter


  • Standard


  • Advanced


  • Flexible


Services within the packages may include:

  • Performance and server resource monitoring
  • Site security updates
  • Troubleshooting/bug fixing
  • Design changes
  • Development & customization
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance
  • Online training


There are four support levels depending on the severity of an issue:

Level 1: Emergency issues, e.g.

  • Site is down
  • Issues that have critical impact on site operations (inability to place orders, make payment transactions, etc.)
  • Severe security breaches etc.

Level 2: Partial site outage, e.g.

  • Not all products in the catalog are shown
  • Disrupted business logic of the site, however the customers are still able to place
  • Critical transactional emails are not sent etc.

Level 3: High priority for non-emergency issues, e.g.

  • Secondary features like search or filtering that does not show results.
  • Some pages appear corrupted.

Level 4: Regular non-emergency issues, e.g.

  • Small bugs like trouble with reviews or wishlists.
  • Small design changes.
  • Configurations.
  • Extension installation.
  • New features.


1.Can I request support without purchasing a support package?

Yes, but issues within support packages take higher priority than the tasks on demand.

2.Is there a discount when signing up for more than 6 months?

Yes, we can offer you a 10 percent discount for a 1 year contract.

3.What access data should I provide?

Admin panel access data, ftp, and ssh (shell) access.

4.Is there a contact person to get in touch with?

Yes, your support project will be assigned an account manager who will consult with you, plan monthly tasks, and address issues.

5.What if I need more hours than are elotted in my package?

It is possible to exceed the number of hours specified in your package, but those hours will be billed separately according to how much extra support time is accumulated.

6.Are there any imposed limitations?

In order to properly allocate our resources the ideal situation for us is to complete tasks throughout the month in order of importance and urgency. When a task(s) is sent at the beginning of the month, our team is able to properly assess which tasks need immediate attention, and will work throughout the month to deliver them back. If a customer decides to use all their remaining support hours during the last week of the month, this will most likely result in a delayed turn around time, especially depending on the level of urgency. With that in mind, we are limiting the number of hours for each client per week. For example, if you purchase a Starter Package that includes 40 hours of support, you can use no more than 20 hours in one week.

7.Is it possible to roll over the hours that we have not used into the next month?

No. Any unused hours expire at the end of the billing cycle in question. But, if you require some large tasks to be performed in one particular month, upon agreement with the support manager, the hours of two months can be grouped together.