Conversion Rate Optimization

Unlock new levels of business
growth and optimize website

If you attract traffic to your store with all your marketing efforts but conversion is not as good as you expect and the ROI is not up to scratch, the time is ripe for optimizing your customer acquisition process. Put yourself in users’ position to travel the path on your website, see it from the outside, and come up with fresh ideas on touchpoints optimization.


On the inside of conversion optimization

  • Conduct UX analysis to get deep insights into user behavior and find bottlenecks in the customer journey.
  • Perform an SEO audit to find out whether metadata and keywords are optimized, navigation and URL-structure are user-friendly, and website is mobile-responsive.
  • Explore the technical and functional part of the system that influences conversions, such as website speed, performance, on-site search.
  • Ensure that advanced tools and services for analytics, A/B testing, session recording, visitor feedback are properly integrated with your store. Regularly conduct an ongoing conversion analysis to stay up-to-date with changes in user behavior.
  • Receive a detailed report with key findings, recommendations, and latest trends that help you find out and improve main drivers, hooks, and barriers on your website.

Going a long way

Building an analysis that helps to find areas of improvement to boost your sales volume and revenue
Creating a strategy to understand what to do next and which resources to use
Increasing your customer base that is easier and less costly to get converted all over again