Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

Magento tech support is tricky since Magento itself is a very sophisticated platform, and it is easy to make mistakes during website implementation and further development. Oftentimes, developers who create the site have or had insufficient experience with this platform and do not follow coding guidelines (or even are not aware of them!). As a result, after several years of existence the site becomes nearly impossible to maintain or develop.

Some site owners prefer to re-create their sites from scratch (with data migration), some prefer to keep things as they are to avoid additional expenses, other people go with a complete reengineering approach — all these methods have their pros and cons, and in each case the decision should be made individually. However, each of the solutions is pretty expensive — in a short term or long term.

Magento Technical Support by Magecom

How to avoid this? Obviously by selecting the right support and maintenance team. Qualified engineers can audit the site for problematic areas in code and architecture, foresee the potential risks, produce clean code, and follow Magento guidelines.

The shop on Magento platform can have multiple issues: slow performance, hidden errors, unsupportable code, architecture drawbacks, bugs etc. This leads to poor user experience and increasing costs on development, as every modification takes much longer than anticipated.

Most of these troubles can be resolved. However, in some cases support of the existing site just doesn’t make sense — we can find this out during Magento solutions audit and then offer a solution that fits you best: Magento maintenance plan, reengineering ideas, or complete redevelopment. In the meantime, feel free to try our Magento customer support to keep your site healthy and correctly developed right from the start.

Magento Support Packages

Sometimes it is convenient to have a guaranteed number of hours to be reserved for your site especially if you have a certain amount of work every month, want certain works to be done automatically without your involvement, or want only specific developer(s) from our team to work on your site. Typical case — security updates and site recovery after crash/attack. We can offer monthly packages with predefined, reserved hours for specific operations (such as security related works) so you feel safe.

Going a long way

Revealing new opportunities for business growth by migrating to any ecommerce platform or upgrading your store to the latest version with a safe and careful moving store setting, orders, customers, products
Making your ecommerce website work stably and fast by avoiding a domino effect and preventing glitches and faults in the initial stages to build a robust foundation for your business taking off
Solving challenges, such as dealing with several suppliers at once, changing prices automatically, managing orders processed by different fulfillment centers by connecting your store to the systems
Improving the bandwidth of your store infrastructure and providing your customers with quick data processing and low response time
Increasing customer loyalty and delivering a responsive and pleasant experience to let users make purchases most conveniently
Rocketing the conversion rate and generating a traffic increase in customers by making the best out of marketing activities