Focus on major business tasks without any routine

Make sure your online store runs smoothly with a website maintenance service. Drive relevant traffic, ensure flawless site performance, secure your online business, and update content regularly.

As soon as your store starts attracting traffic and converting it, there’re always things to do — making improvements based on A/B testing discoveries, carrying out marketing research, and introducing new features. If you want to concentrate more on taking your business to the next level, get a reliable ecommerce partner who will release you from care and go hand in hand to deliver a reliable website support service.

On the inside of support & maintenance

  • Develop new features and implement advanced integrations to boost the functional part of the business
  • Conduct a frequent website audit to know which parts of the online store require support services
  • Make regular monitoring of uptime, storage, and performance a part of your website maintenance plan
  • Bring extensions up to date, install security patches on time, and fix bugs on an ongoing basis
  • Get everything organized for seasonal sales to handle traffic peaks and maintain the smooth work of the system

Going a long way

Maintaining a strong basis for ongoing website support and maintenance to grow and scale
Supporting your business system in case of unexpected technical issues
Introducing features to cover the needs of different business divisions

Any questions left?

01. Why does a website need ongoing maintenance?

Regular website maintenance helps to keep your ecommerce store functioning at its best. By using support and maintenance services, you can implement recent updates, keep your site secure, improve SEO ranking, upload relevant content, and drive visitors to your store.

The IT world improves software, systems, security patches, SEO tools, and many other parts of ecommerce platforms, including Magento 2, on a regular basis. If you do not benefit from the services of website maintenance companies, you may stay behind your competitors, and your business will eventually get old.

02. What does a website maintenance plan include?

Generally, Magento support and maintenance consists of the following:

âś…Performance optimization

âś…Security patches updates

âś…Themes updates

âś…UX improvements

âś…Backups and disaster recovery

âś…Accessibility testing

âś…Uptime monitoring

âś…SEO and content enhancements

âś…Broken links fixes

03. What are the specifics of ecommerce website maintenance?

Any ecommerce store requires the same maintenance measures as any other website. However, there are some additional enhancements you need to consider, such as:

đźź Layout redesign

đźź Inventory management

đźź Product descriptions updates

đźź Product images changes

đźź Ecommerce security management

đźź Payment gateways updates

đźź Conversion rate optimization

Business managers can do some of these measures in the Magento admin panel. However, others, for example, layout redesign, CRO and payment gateway updates, require technical, designer, or marketing teams’ support.

04. How much does website maintenance cost?

The maintenance cost of a website depends on how complex your online store is. It also depends on the rates of website maintenance companies, which can vary greatly.

Nevertheless, it is helpful to include Magento maintenance services in your budget from the very start to avoid unexpected costs later.

You can always contact us if you want to find out how much a website maintenance package will cost. We will come up with the optimum plan for your business.