Typical Magento Features of Tires Stores

Best usability features that may be introduced to the Magento tires store gathered in one place.

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In 2017, 73 million cars were produced worldwide – an increase of around 2.4 percent compared to the previous year. In 2018 this positive trend continued. For tire dealers it also means good opportunities for growth. More cars – more tires.

In order to grow you need to be fully equipped to meet the expectations of your current customer base as well as the needs of new ones.

Statistics show that consumers will more often choose and often prefer a great customer experience over a lower price. With that in mind, it’s really important to focus on getting customer experience right.

When conducting our internal research, we were surprised by how many tire businesses still have not implemented ecommerce functionality for their sites. Customers have to fill out forms or call their store directly to get prices and other necessary information on their products.

That being said, there is nothing wrong with these options when they are accompanied by other options: order tires online, order and install etc.

Let’s look at what other functionalities may be introduced to the site to ensure a better customer experience. Since we are mostly working with Magento, we will also add some examples from our projects and industry best examples (in our humble opinion).

Tire & wheel finder

This may be the most efficient feature for a tire store that we recommend. It’s a great way to provide customers with an easy and effective way to find wheels or tires s after the first glance of your website.

For one of our customers, ZDEGREE, we developed an impressive finder that helps to satisfy most picky users needs.

Let’s review the finder structure in detail:

  • Shop by car. This feature will help to find exact tires even if the customer doesn’t know any of the necessary tire information. All they need to know is the vehicle brand, model, and year.

  • Shop by size. Many users know the exact tire specifications they need for their car. For those users the best solution is to give them the ability to select the necessary options.

  • Search by category. If you sell tires for different categories of vehicles, you’ll need to introduce this option too.

Example from tires-easy.com

  • If you add an option to help your customers choose specifics like choose different rear tires type it will add a competitive advantage among other vendors, because with this option your users won’t need to search for 2 separate sets of tires. This means they will find their tires s faster, which in turn increases the possibility of them becoming a repeat customer. Below is an example of how a customer sees these options on the website.

  • Search by season. If you sell all season, as well as summer and winter tires, give your customers the opportunity to select which type they need by simply adding one more option to the tires finder – Season.

  • If you have a brick & mortar or mobile tire fitting service it will be nice to add an option that will allow your users to choose a way to replace old tires with a new set. It will add value and confidence to your customers as well as your store image.

Promotional banners and info blocks:

Don’t forget to let your specialities be known. Take the time to add in things like free balance, free puncture repair, and other goodies you offer on one of the homepage sliders like our customer did in their ZDEGREE store:

Example from simpletire.com

You may also decide to use an easy solution like static blocks with the purpose of highlighting your most valuable benefits or show how it easy and secure it is to buy tires s in your store.

In the event you offer additional services, don’t forget to mention them right on the home page. You may sell them additionally, or just gift such services like car washing or motor oil changes in the event of a purchase, or if a customer buys tires in your store.

For the Special offers like “Buy 3 tires s and get 1 for free” you may also use static blocks or sliders where each banner will redirect a user to the promotional product or static pages. In case you have a lot of special offers, it would be great to have an individual page for them.

Shop by Brand feature

Some customers prefer sticking to their favorite brand. Let them find comfort with a single click by displaying these brands on the home page and highlight the “Shop by Brand” feature.

Informative and convenient product listing

Use catchy labels on a product tile that show key tire characteristics like the following below:

  • Fuel efficiency – buying fuel-efficient tires that offer low rolling resistance can help your customers to save on fuel, so it can be a small benefit to buy the tires in your store in case other vendors don’t specify the same info
  • Grip rating – especially on wet surfaces, grip plays an essential role in safety. In this way, it becomes a valuable attribute to show on a product tile
  • Noise rating – no one really wants to buy tires that make a lot of noise, s, so it becomes an important factor in choosing the most comfortable tires
  • Year of manufacture – most customers know that tires strength and integrity degrades over the years, so don’t forget to notify them about the year of manufacture beforehand.

Product labels

Take full advantage of potential marketing labels like “New”, “Sale”, and “Best choice”.

All these labels help your customers to understand key characteristics and benefits of your tires s without having to open each product individually. As a result, this creates a positive experience and interaction with your website.

Advanced tire filters on the product listing page

Despite the “tire finder” filter on the homepage of your store, you should also take advantage of a full catalog filtration feature.

Put most popular filterable attributes at the top for quick access. But also make it so that a customer can select multiple values of one attribute.

By default, Magento hides an attribute when a user selects one of its options. This behavior can bring a lot of confusion when, for example, a customer wants to choose two brands or more.

It also nice to have a search feature inside of each option, as well as the possibility to minimize unnecessary attributes.

Product page

The product page should use the same principles as product listing and display the most important attributes and offers at the top part of the page.

It would also be nice to show more detailed information about any of your special offers or benefits with the help of various extensions. Most of them can be added without spending too much money taking into consideration ROI.


Out of the box, Magento has other marketing features like related products and upsells that you need to manually choose from your catalog and show on the product page.

One other small, but useful solution, is to make a default quantity of products that will be added to a cart equal to four items. That way they’re more inclined to leave with a full set, rather than just a few one-off tires.

Cart and checkout

Recommendations here are common to all types of e-commerce websites:

  • Use the full potential of Magento’s default cart.
  • Create promo codes and distribute them among your customers with the purpose of stimulating your sales. They can use promo codes on the cart or checkout pages.
  • Magento 2 has a really decent 2-step checkout. But, if research shows that a one step checkout will be a better option for your customers and user experience, it may be easily integrated into the default Magento 2 checkout. This feature is one of the most popular ones, so the range of solutions for one step checkout is also impressive.
  • If you have a mobile tire fitting service, your own tire center, or a partnership with other tire fitting centers, it’s a rule of thumb to implement these shipping methods in your store.

For the “mobile” method you may use a simple version with the ability to select date and time:

For the shipping method with the list of tire centers, you may want to show the location of a fitting center and working hours like this one below:

Great you’ve made to the end of the line. This list of features and hacks may have been a bit exhaustive, but if there are still any questions or you have a project in mind, give us a shout! We are always here to help.