15 Upcoming Online Ecommerce Events For Merchants in April & May 2020

Nowadays, the events are canceled and postponed, so we have made a selection of the upcoming business events that will be held online and can be extremely useful for ecommerce merchants.

Copywriter. Yevheniia understands various CMS systems for e-commerce, such as Magento, Shopware, Shopify, as well as marketing and customer acquisition strategies.

Nowadays, the events are canceled and postponed, so we have made a selection of the upcoming business events that will be held online and can be extremely useful for ecommerce merchants.

Information on these events may be changed, so stay tuned for news and updates on the event websites.

Online Business Events

#1 Let’s Talk eCommerce: Overcoming The Crisis

The large-scale eCOM conference for heads and directors of ecommerce business hosts a virtual meetup. The event will be entirely devoted to approaches and solutions that help well-known companies survive during the crisis and even increase their key indicators.

The main feature of the meetup are speakers from the industry leaders. For instance, you’ll listen to the lectures of Femi Adeboye from Salesforce about the impact the crisis has made on customer and brand behavior, and Scott Cohen from Warner Music Group with an ecommerce guide on how to survive in crisis. Besides, Scott Gould, an engagement expert at Scott & Gould, will hold an interactive workshop on how to engage with customers remotely, which sounds really interesting!

Date: April 17

Price: Free

#2 Web Conference 2020

This year the Web Conference 2020 will be held online in Zoom, so it’s an excellent opportunity to find some valuable information for your business from the professors and scientists of prominent universities and directors of leading technology companies, such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

If you are interested in data science, artificial intelligence, and high technologies in ecommerce, the event will be useful for you.

Date: April 20-24

Price: 6,000 NTD (New Taiwan Dollar)

#3 Annual Business Conference

The annual business conference will be held virtually this year. The agenda of the two-day event is not specified yet but is expected to be informative and intense. So stay up to date with the news on the event website.

Date: April 23-24

Price: Not specified yet

#4 Magento Meetup Kharkiv Online

We regularly hold offline events for developers of the Magento community, but this time we decided to organize a development event online.

Even though the meetup will be most useful for developers, there will be some exciting ideas for ecommerce merchants as well. For instance, there will be a whole report on how to avoid infrastructure mistakes that may break a website during the holiday season, such as Black Friday.

Date: April 24

Price: Free

#5 Ecommerce Day Santiago Online [Live]

The eCommerce Institute and the Santiago Chamber Of Commerce organize the online business event about the impact of the pandemic on the world’s ecommerce situation. The representatives of the establishments will also give recommendations on how to create an omnichannel shopping experience, improve a customer acquisition funnel with different strategies, and manage the ecommerce logistics and operations.

Some of the keynotes will be especially practical for those who are curious about the competitiveness and tendencies of the Latin American ecommerce market. Throughout the event, there will be plenty of opportunities to communicate with experts and ask questions of interest, so get ready for it!

Date: April 29

Price: Free

#6 Sellers Summit

It’s a powerful and intense event with almost 20 sessions led by specialists from well-known companies and start-ups. For example, you’ll have an opportunity to find out how to use storytelling for your brand, scale your business in social media, and grow conversions with chatbot campaigns.

We also recommend you to see a lecture about managing the ecommerce supply chain. You’ll discover how to negotiate with suppliers to get the lowest prices and receive a supply chain management checklist for different products.

Date: May 6-8

Price: From $349 to $699

#7 PLF Live 2020

Unfortunately, at the time of this material publication, a price and speakers haven’t been specified yet. Leave your email in the waiting list in order not to miss the news and the latest updates.

The fact is that PLF Live is an annual product launch event. Last year the workshop was held where participants were led along the way from an idea of a product or service to the complete launch plan.

Date: May 15-17

Price: Not specified yet

#8 Shopware Community Day

It’s an annual large-scale ecommerce conference, which is held in Germany and attracts more than 2,000 visitors. At the end of May the conference will be held online. The list of speakers and sessions is still unknown, so you can subscribe to the newsletter on the website to stay informed.

Shopware Community Day is a mix of expert theoretical knowledge and practical advice that you can apply to your business instantly. Last year, a wide range of interesting topics, such as innovative development and solutions, trends in ecommerce, were discussed.

Date: May 28

Price: Free

Online Marketing Events

#9 Internet in Focus

The leading Swedish conference on digital marketing, which usually gathers up to 400 attendees, will be held online this year. About 20 speakers will cover a whole bunch of aspects — growth marketing, SEO ecommerce optimization, social branding & media, design strategy, etc.

The highlights of the conference are supposed to be a speech of a former Google manager Brian Clifton on how to avoid gathering bad data for your business and a lecture of Oliver Lopez, CEO at Structsales, on how marketers can support sellers for the better and more sustainable business by correctly conveying their message internally.

Date: April 21

Price: From 1,295 kr to 1,895 kr

#10 marketingSHOWCASE Birmingham

The online marketing event consists of four sessions on direct marketing, social media, and strategy. Apart from the live stream, you can participate in the Q&A and have access to recordings of seminars.

We’d like to emphasize a keynote of Andy Smith from Corpdata about processing and using personal data for marketing purposes under GDPR. The lecturer will explain how to respond to the enquiries, maintain data processors, and manage the data accuracy.

Date: April 22

Price: Free

#11 marketingSHOWCASE Newbury

The event contains a variety of educational seminars with useful tips from experts, which you could implement into your ecommerce marketing strategies and campaigns. In particular, you’ll learn everything about building a valuable brand, storing and organizing content using the cloud, choosing distribution channels, and building high-performing ecommerce marketing campaigns.

The highlight session of the conference could be a selection of digital tools for engaging potential customers. Sean Masters from Brand Clear will share special techniques that could help you achieve more effective, richer and targeted marketing. We look forward to this report and expect it to be practically useful.

Date: April 23

Price: Free

#12 Atomicon Virtual Experience

It’s one of the best digital marketing conferences and is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, which reveals the following points — how to attract new audiences, increase sales, and scale your business. Lecture sessions are held throughout April, and all the videos from Atomicon will be available for event participants for the whole year.

The main day of the event will be April 28 — you’ll have an opportunity to find out how to run the effective business on Facebook and Instagram, generate more traffic conversions from your website, and rank in search engines.

Date: April 28

Price: From £297 to £570

#13 marketingSHOWCASE Manchester

The main idea of the event is adapting the ecommerce marketing strategies to help steer a safe course for your business. The lectures on the following topics are expected to be — getting more customers and visibility through data-driven content, using and processing personal data, increasing revenue and growing business using social media.

Besides, we’d like to highlight a keynote about critical technology competencies that shape the emotional customer experience, which is supposed to be impressive. You’ll find out how to increase revenue, create repeat business, and drive customer referrals with effective CX.

Date: May 12

Price: Free

#14 Virtual eCommerce Design Summit

It’s worth attending this event because of a range of experts in different fields. In particular, Shilpi Sinha, Head of UX/UI at Ikea, will tell about the challenge to create a personalized online shopping experience, and Ross Arnone, Senior Product Manager at Tesco Labs, will explain all things about conversational design.

The rest of the speakers will also make it clear how to implement a customer-centric approach into a business or which practical steps to take towards the digital transformation of your brand. Stay tuned for updates on the event website, so you don’t miss new headliners and engaging topics.

Date: May 20

Price: £99

#15 B2B Marketing Ignite

It’s a B2B online conference for marketers across the globe. This year the program of the event is very intense and informative, which includes a variety of issues in several streams — keynotes, account-based marketing (ABM), marketing technology (martech), engagement, leadership & strategy.

What you definitely can’t miss is keynotes of top speakers from IBM Systems, Oracle, Ogilvy, and Dow Jones. Take advantage of an opportunity to listen to lectures remotely from home on how to create strategies to attract and engage B2B clients, generate and measure killer web content, and which marketing technology solutions and tools we need to pay attention to in the nearest future.

Date: May 27-28

Price: From free to $1,395

Final Words

We hope that this selection of online conferences and meetups will help you find new ideas for your business, upgrade and improve your performance.