Top 5 Magento Stores Examples & Magento 2 Demo Store [Bonus]

If you wonder who uses Magento, keep reading our selection of five Magento online stores with an overview of features their customers are fond of.

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Who Uses Magento: Big Brands
Magento Online Store Example #1: Clean Origin
Magento Online Store Example #2: Paul Smith
Magento Online Store Example #3: Caffè Mokarico
Magento Online Store Example #4: The Rug Company
Magento Online Store Example #5: Shinola
Bonus: Magento 2 Demo Store

Who Uses Magento: Big Brands

Magento is currently used by more than 250K merchants worldwide notable for improved conversions and exponential growth, which is three times faster on average in comparison with other ecommerce platforms.

Big brands that use Magento include:

Magento Online Store Example #1: Clean Origin

Clean Origin is an ethical and environmentally friendly diamond engagement jewelry brand from the United States. Moreover, it offers a wide range of functionality that delivers an exclusive shopping experience as a result.

‘Create your Own Ring’ Product Builder

One of the most prominent features is a product configurator product configurator that provides users with an option to build a perfect engagement ring in three steps: configure a setting, choose a diamond, and add a complete version to the cart.

It considerably enriches the user experience by offering a unique and sophisticated product that completely meets customer expectations. By the way, as stated in Bain’s research, purchasers who built their own products evaluated brands up to 50 percent higher than those who purchased simple products.

Integration with Yotpo to Provide Social Proof

According to HubSpot, an average shopper explores at least ten online reviews before making a purchase decision. Clean Origin takes full advantage of the social proof power and displays reviews with Yotpo, an ecommerce marketing solution easily integrated into Magento store, which collects and displays customer reviews and ratings. The jewelry brand has a section dedicated to reviews on the homepage, product pages, and a separate reviews page.

Gift Guide to Deliver Holiday Mood

Keeping your eyes peeled for a promotional calendar is essential for online businesses, as holidays bring massive sales and traffic peaks. The most important thing here is to find holidays that resonate with your brand and audience.

Clean Origin’s most promising holiday is obviously St. Valentine’s Day, which it celebrates with a special gift guide and a fancy assortment of jewelry. It ensures the holiday spirit and makes the search for gifts easier and more effective.

Magento Online Store Example #2: Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a large British designer clothing, shoes, and accessories brand. Its online store developed on Magento provides the latest functionality and features to make the shopping process more accessible and convenient.

Buy Now, Pay Later Functionality

According to the CNN Business report, top brands and retailers are using the buy now, pay later feature, which allows purchasing products and paying for them within 30 days or up to 12 months, depending on the solution. Online businesses usually pay fees for orders and late fees from purchasers if they miss their payment.

Paul Smith attracts the younger consumer segment by implementing the feature, as more than 80 percent of young customers, top brands and retailers are using the buy now, pay later feature express a deep interest in splitting large payments into monthly ones. The brand store is integrated with the Klarna service, offers this payment option on the checkout page, and explains the details on each product page.

Shop Locator to Improve Omnichannel Experience

Did you know that approximately 45 percent of customers purchase online and then pick up in-store? This online and offline combo provides them with a more flexible way of shopping and is an important element in creating an omnichannel customer journey.

Paul Smith offers a separate page where users can find stores by choosing their country in the drop-down list and see their placings on the map in a separate tab.

Integration with Zendesk to Offer Customer Support

Zendesk is one of the solutions that help businesses reach shoppers via the web, mobile on live chat, and messages.

Paul Smith uses the service to make it possible for users to fill in the contact form and submit their requests because of the increased number of inquiries. After that, customers receive an automated email with extra information on returns and shipping.

Eye-Catching Subscription Pop-Up

The survey conducted by WisePops among their clients revealed that the average conversion rate for subscription pop-ups is 3.75 percent.

The Paul Smith brand runs catchy subscription pop-ups with a captivating visual, which provokes interest to subscribe to their newsletter.

Magento Online Store Example #3: Caffè Mokarico

Caffè Mokarico is an Italian coffee brand that offers its products throughout European countries and aims at reaching specific audience segments.

Multi-Store with Multiple Languages

Expanding to new markets is available in Magento by implementing multi-store functionality that allows running multiple stores under one installation, while each to be translated into its own language.

The Caffè Mokarico multi-store is developed in five languages — English, Italian, French, German, and Chinese — which could be easily found by users in the bar.

User-Friendly Category View & Galleries

Categories are structured and displayed in a user-friendly and customized way, which forces shoppers to enthusiastically interact with website elements and provides a rich shopping experience.

Effective Product Recommendations

Upselling practices that display similar but more expensive items than the one viewed, resulting in over 4 percent of sales on average. Sounds promising, right?

The Caffè Mokarico brand has a section on every product page that displays similar items and some product information as well.

Training Courses for a Particular Audience Segment

Caffè Mokarico also sets sights on creating a community of coffee lovers and professional baristas around their brand. That’s why they hold courses and classes for different levels of proficiency. All the information is well-structured on the separate website page and allows users to complete a form for registration.

Magento Online Store Example #4: The Rug Company

The Rug Company is a luxury modern handmade rug brand from the UK, which provides purchasers with exclusive features and shopping flow.

Product Filters for Better Navigation

To make the search for products more efficient and fast, the brand implemented a specific set of product filters — availability, style, color, price, size, designer, material, room, and type. They’re smoothly aligned with the whole web design and organize a vast assortment of products on the page.

High-Converting Product Pages

The brand’s product pages are built according to all standards of effective and conversion-friendly product pages. They stand out for detailed and systematized product information, including delivery, returns, and shipping data, and comprehensive information on the interior designer. Users can also discover the brand’s competitive advantages after scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Particular attention should be given to the high-quality images that show products from different angles, which allows clearly imagining one specific rug in your own interior.

Instagram Gallery for Higher Customer Engagement

User-generated content (UGC) plays a decisive role in convincing shoppers to make a purchase, as claimed by more than 80 percent of consumers.

Therefore, the homepage of The Rug Company’s website contains an Instagram grid with customers’ photos that look pretty good in a gallery.

Online Catalogue for Better Product Demonstration

The brand specifics and its positioning infer unique and exceptional features, such as an e-catalog. It showcases an online magazine full of vivid images of modern interiors. The products used in those interiors contain links to the shop.

Magento Online Store Example #5: Shinola

Shinola is a luxury design retailer from the US aiming to deliver user-friendly features that help customers in their purchasing decisions. They also heavily contribute to creating personalized tricks that enhance the customer journey.

Mega-Menu for Easy & Intuitive Navigation

Shinola’s assortment is quite broad, so they face a challenge to properly organize piles of information in their menu to make the navigation for users convenient and fast.

They successfully deal with it by implementing a mega-menu, structuring all categories, and illustrating them with images.

Personal Stylist Feature

To enhance the user experience, Shinola offers purchasers professional styling advice; they complete a form powered by the RemoteRetail solution and get the results. It’s a great example of how to make a shift from offline to online customer service, and it demonstrates your brand’s expertise. Besides, such personalized shopping assistance creates an emotional bond with customers and increases their engagements.

Book an Appointment Feature

The Shinola brand takes a step further in providing customers with a personalized experience through an option to book an appointment with their style curator in different ways — by phone, video, and in-store — and select an appropriate location. After choosing a location, users receive a confirmation email and a reminder notification a day before the appointment.

Customizing Option for Personalized User Experience

Deloitte research has recently revealed that more than 50 percent of consumers express a deep interest in buying customized products and services. But wait, there is more! They’re ready to pay more for such items and even get involved in the process of manufacturing.

Shinola delivers one-of-a-kind products for their customers by offering engraving on some items, which are systemized in a separate category.

Bonus: Magento 2 Demo Store

If you’re interested to see how Magento looks from the inside, then a demo store is a real godsend!

Use our link to go to the Magento demo store and explore every corner.

Username: admin
Password: YmtgDnAQd46AFbhc

Once you log in, you’ll be taken to the dashboard page on the Backend part of the store.

All changes you’d like to make should be saved first of all before exiting, and then you can see them on the Frontend. Be sure to have a look at how the store’s appearance has changed by clicking on admin in the upper right corner and selecting the Customer View.


Keeping track of competitors and best practices may bring considerable benefits to your business growth. Magento design and development services could help you implement personalization, provide social proof, drive sales, and demonstrate products in a much more efficient way.